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Hello, I'm Katherine! and I am 21 years old aaand You can talk to Me about whatever, I always reply. If you want to know about Me without reading all this, then just read My stamps :XD:
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:iconstewiewtfplz:MUST KNOW: when it comes to My favorite anime characters, I get hostile, so don't be saying any negative things about them, or it will probably start an unnecessary fight >:( FAVES :iconbragoplz::iconsherryplz:/:iconroymustangmadplz::iconhawkeyeplz:/:iconblackstarplz::icontsubakiplz:/:iconshikamaru-plz::icontemari-plz::iconkabuto--plz::iconhappyorochimaru-plz:/My Original character/
but I will try to be calm..:iconpusheenlazycryplz:

:iconpusheensighplz:ABOUT ME: hmmm... let's see, I am super nice..or a super bitch, depends on our relationship lol. I live at home with My parents (wish I didn't) and 2 siblings, I clean the house for My grandmother to get minimum wage. I want to sell My chibi anime cutouts someday.

I am single, and I like it. I don't really want to date, I think it's a hassle and just annoying, but if I do end up liking someone...oh well...I feel sorry for you..I will probably eat you're heart.
I like anime, and some cartoons, like regular show, not really into real actor movies :XD: but I am alright with a lot of Dream works and Disney. I like all kinds of music, no specifics, I like songs of My own random pick.

:iconburgerboingplz:THE WAY I THINK: When it comes to this, the question"who am I?"
idk who can think like that unless they have memory loss or something. I never have, I know I am who I am, and that's it, I like goth things, doesn't make Me goth, I like cute things, doesn't make Me prissy, I like what I like, and that's a mix of things. I'm a tom boy, but I will wear a dress and try to look pretty when I go somewhere.

Women's rights, I think it's good...but gee, women gone crazy with it! I believe there ARE things women can't do that men can, physically that's just how it is bitches. so like...chiiiillll but don't be a douche bag guys! feminism needs to be here, not the man hating kind, but the right kind.
I don't follow the crowd, I usually go against it, doesn't make Me a rebel. I don't do it on purpose.
I hate everyone these days, think They're "weird" and "random" YOUR NOT, you just want to be different, so you try, and trying doesn't make you weird, it makes you an idiot, if they are all weird for what you do, I'm weird too so the whole world is, which makes NO ONE weird. but lets face it, Our generation is weird compared to Our parents

I'm a Christian

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Real life creepy story

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 18, 2014, 5:26 PM

So I've had 2 pretty creepy things happen in my life, and since it's close to Halloween, I thought I'd post the stories, and write them in a creepy narration lol!  SO these stories are 100% true, believe it or not, let's get to the first one

*Free Icon/Emote* Halloween Pusheen
Halloween Pumpkin, Chuckle
Jack says hi

this on is about a computer game called Zoo tycoon...
first off, here are some things about the game to help you understand why this story is so creepy

In the game, you have to build a zoo, you place animals in and guests come to see them, you must also put bathrooms rides and places for the guests to eat at so that your zoo earns money. rules about the game
guests are all random, they walk around at random and eat, use the restrooms and look at the animals.
2: the guests will NEVER enter an animal cage, if you pick them up and put them into one, they will run out screaming.
3: you can check how much money your restaurants are making.
Now let's get to the story

My sister Emily :iconanimelover4343: had made herself a game on Zoo Tycoon, she had the game running for probably a few days I think.. she had quite a few animals and a lot of guests. she was playing it on the living room computer one day, and my brother was also in the living room playing a game on the game cube, i walked over to see Emily's zoo and we noticed a very large amount of guests walking down a dead end path with a burger stand at the end of it, there were so many guests walking back and forth, you couldn't see the ground. I was amazed at how many people wanted to eat from that one burger stand, so I asked Emily to look at how much profit she was getting from it, since it must have been a ton, so she looked and we were shocked to see that she was paying more money to keep it running then it was profiting from all of the guests...but that meant that none of the guests were buying from it, they were simply walking to the dead end then turning back around.... this was so weird, but we thought it was a glitch.
So to fix this problem Emily extended to wolf's cage that was right next to the path, getting rid of the burger stand and closing off that way all together, so it was now inside the wolfs cage, but then the real creepy shit happened.... the guests opened the door to the cage and continued to walk to the dead end and back. my brother then paused the game he was playing, right in the middle of a boss battle so the scary threatening music from it was just playing, he started to watch my sister play this glitching game.
Then Emily tried to move the entrance, but they still went in. then she blocked off the door with a special dinosaur gate, (it was electric to keep T-rex's inside) the guests walked into the gate, shocking themselves. we all started to freak out but in a laughing way, but the scary music made it feel all too creepy... finally just blocking the door off with a regular gate and trapping a zoo keeper inside to care for the wolves, there were still a ton of guests in the wolf cage walking to the wall, so the only way to remove them was to pick them up and take them out, and this is where the story took the turn to being as creepy as possible..... the first guest she pulled out was number 666............
the end

I still can't believe that happened, it was like 5 years ago.
here if you'd like to see the game

I'll post the next story soon

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